We partner with you. From manufacturing to retail to ongoing consumer tracking and digital engagement, we are there for all facets of the product/brand journey, including procurement, distribution and complex retail negotiations. Question: Is there a partner out there experienced in manufacturing, retail, branding, creativity and consumer engagement who can take us all the way? Answer: Chevalier.


We craft brands whether it be an existing one or whether it be built from the ground up. We tailor that creation to the current market trends in order to achieve maximum impact. Truth, clarity and simplicity still reign as they always have. Now we are able to bring our effective, captivating creativity into the digital realm as well.

Market Research

Chevalier will crunch the numbers. We look into the best possible promotional programs through careful market research and a detailed grasp of the playing field, advising and crafting the most appropriate and tenable strategy for products and brands. We constantly maintain our knowledge right at the very forefront of consumer insights and behaviour.

Brand Management

With markets changing so rapidly and channels shifting so frequently, it’s more often critical to insert and manage brands across multiple platforms including store level, direct, web and social. Our reach also pervades the digital space, engaging customers to ensure they come along for the journey.


By collaborating with our digital partners we are able to take full ownership of digital marketing output, starting with the engagement strategy and rai·son d’ê·tre followed by implementation and management over the short-, mid- and long-term as needed. Chevalier can tailor campaigns to a customer’s ongoing budgets.

Trademark Management

Chevalier own and a number of registered trademarks and in most cases the corresponding domains. Of course we are also open to expressions of interest about the purchase of these marks and subsequent business. If you are interested in one of our marks please contact us directly.
To view a current list of active trademarks please CLICK HERE

Recent Projects

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