Chevalier is a medium-sized product-focused mover and shaker in the FMCG space. We are real people with real experience who love seeing hard work converted into sales and dollars. Chevalier is not just a marketing house. We manufacture, we warehouse, pick pack, develop brand & products, ship both nationally and internationally, we are and end to end solution for manufacturers. We add real value through our current buying power of materials, logistics and strategic partnerships.

We pull things apart and rebuild where necessary, but more importantly we really do partner with manufactures towards the right results and optimised success. Our clients do one thing best – they manufacture. We are the people who can take it further.

TimThe Bald Guy - Company Director

With over 25 years of experience in FMCG in businesses and in corporate, Tim has a unique understanding of all of the processes required to get products from the farm or factory trough to the retail shelf. With Tim’s background encompassing both design and manufacturing we are able to pull products and projects together to meet all stakeholder needs.

LeanneOur Princess Leia - Company Director

Leanne’s experience stems from the corporate retail environment where she worked for several major chains as a retail buyer. These categories included fashion, homeware, kitchenware and fashion accessories. With over 25 years experience working on both sides of the desk, Leanne understands how to get results on the sales floor.

ChrisAccounts manager

Chris is our CPA and the guys who will send you out bills for works completed, but he’s also the guys who sends out payments for a job well done.

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