Looking to redesign existing recipes as well as make way for new flavors, Brownes Natural Yoghurt turned to Boxer & Co. for a redesign. Handling the 33 SKUs in the range, Brownes needed to emit quality and realness without coming off as too premium or expensive. Their product is an everyday essential for the modern Australian family, so the goal was to create something accessible and honest. It needed to be a clearly nourishing product without looking extremely gourmet.

“Yoghurt can be a confusing category – the small pots and multiple players can lead to a lot of noise and the impression of ‘mess’ on shelf. Boxer & Co. needed to create a design that stood out from the crowd, but not necessarily by shouting louder in the same typical FMCG photo-shop heavy language as other brands. It was time to find a new language for yoghurt.”

“On the old packs, the Brownes brand wasn’t prominent enough and didn’t translate into on shelf stand out or blocking of any sort. It was clear that a strong vehicle needed to be found, combined with clear variant indicators to help consumers navigate the range with ease.”

“The challenge was to include a cow in order to cue dairy, but to also use flavour and freshness connotations, without the need for an extra pack element which would clutter the design and make it hard to convey purity.”

“In the resulting ‘Flavour Cow’ design, the cow heroes dairy farm freshness, but in a modern way. The outline of the cow in various poses is used to house fruit, flavours and illustrations that cue delicious taste and also allow for established category language, such as greek architecture for the greek variants. To add some fun, the cows were given their own identities and names – like Beryl, Daisy and Doris.”

Brownes Natural Yoghurt, first and foremost, feels like a wholesome food that the entire family can enjoy. The mouthwatering flavors are written in an imperfect, seemingly handwritten font that speaks to the quality ingredients. Beautiful, light colors capture the flavors, while the cow is depicted differently on each variety, adding in a bit of creativity and humor. It’s advertised and pure and delicious, but for the sake of appealing to moms and dads who want healthy yet tasty options for their family.

“Light pastel colours nod to the luscious, creamy nature of the reformulated yoghurt. They are subtle enough to retain a strong range look, but different enough to aid navigation. A series of hand-written fonts and doodles quietly adorn the pack, giving a really authentic feel to the aesthetic. Additional hand-drawn elements like butterflies, daisies, speech bubbles, farm signs and grass, drive home provenance and realness.”

“The inside of each label adds to the playful nature of the design and utilises every piece of real estate available with fun cow facts and activities, encouraging customer engagement in the core demographic – young families.”

“The flavour-cow design was perfect for rolling into POS. A three-phase in-store campaign was created, hero-ing the cows, plus life-size flavour cows were produced, which were used as an innovative anchor for sampling.”

Designed by Boxer & Co.

Country: Australia

City: Sydney