November Inspiration #2


Welcome to America, the land of the free and home of the brave, where dreams come true and right now they only cost $19.99. Pizza Hut just announced their Triple Treat Box, which I renamed the “Triple Threat Treat Box”, an actual real life tower of pizzas, desserts, sides, and more. #squadgoals

The three pizza boxes that obtain your goodies are tucked inside of a box designed to look like a present wrapped in pizza, cookie, and breadstick pattern wrapping paper. Whether Pizza Hut intended for multi-use or not this tower is perfect for holding your computer during “Netflix and chill”, using as a desk for studying and eating, and making meals more portable. But beware, this Godly gift is only available while supplies lasts.

Via Pizzahut

November Inspiration #1

Student Morgan Rose created Bread & Butter, an organic bread concept, using different type styles and a clever pouch.

“The challenge undertaken was to redesign the packaging of a bread bag to become interactive and multi-functional. The main directive was to create a package that would be used both as a cutting apparatus and a storage device for the product. This is achieved through an insert on which the bread sits, contained inside a tube which holds the main advertising real estate. In designing this brand and package, typography became a large part as a lot of information was necessary.”

Designed by Morgan Rose

Instructor: Mike Powell & Patti Lemene

Country: Canada
City: Toronto 

When in Rome Goes DOWN DOWN again with Coles


From 27th August customers will happily note that the When in Rome range of budget pizza’s are in fact going to be reduced from $4.00  down to $3.00 as part of the Coles initiative to make food more affordable. As always thank you for supporting Coles & the When in Rome branded products.